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Posted in Sussle

I am a big promoter of water and it's benefits but how much should you drink? Take your weight, half it, and drink that much in ounces. Say you weight 140, half is 70 so drink at least 70 ounces throughout the day. That is about 4-5 bottles (16.9 oz) of water per day. (TIP: don't take little sips of water all day, take a big gulp (about 3 oz per gulp) to help drink throughout the day)

Posted in Water

Dark but Blonde

I love the colors in this style. I have something close to this but not as dramatic blonde chunks. Get the best of both worlds with this for brown with a bit of blonde.

Posted in Brown hair

Summer/Bar Hopping

This was one of my outfits last summer for going out on the town. Black/Lacy top, yellow shorts, and black/cork wedge sandals.

Posted in Clothing

New Years Eve/ Party

This was my outfit for new years eve last year. Cheetah blazer, blue tank top, black skinny jeans, and grey wedge booties.

Posted in Clothing

Simple but cool

This is my tattoo I got last October. I have a few detailed tattoos and decided I wanted something more simple but still very cool. I love the exact angles and lines with this one.

Posted in Tattoo