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Why you taking picture of me?

This is my puppy Orion, he loves making silly faces when I take pictures of him!

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Briana Ricketts just earned a profile!

Please welcome Briana by checking out the profile:

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My sister tattoo, we grew up around bee keeping so 3 bees for my sister and I

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Cliff of Moher

Cliff of Moher in Ireland

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Take's your breath away

The beauty of Hawaii

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Growing up we would jump into the ice cold water off the rocks in the photo. This was the last year we were able to jump off the rocks. The water from this river comes from the snow in the mountains and because of the decline in snow the river is now to low to jump.

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Why I love Photography

Photography to me is catching the beauty in things that you would never normally see and the story behind the picture. This boat was brought up after a storm in San Diego, the boat just sitting there was beautiful and looked like it was reaching for the water.

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