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I am going to be a freshman the upcoming fall. My hobbies are watching anime, writing, and sometimes animating (when I'm willing to put in the effort).

Duke University

Computer and electrical engineering

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Happy Fullmetal Alchemist day!

Don't forget Oct 3!

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Why Clannad (and other Key anime) make you cry

Other than the enormous eyes and near nonexistent nose, there has to be something substantial that makes Key anime and Maeda's works so tear jerking. And it is: the amount of comedy and happiness that set the scene up for a massive tragedy.

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A WP writer binges through 8 books by Donald Trump

This poor soul sat through 8 books by Donald Trump...although I suppose they could be entertaining in a strange, masochistic way. One thing is for sure, Trump certainly doesn't censor what comes out of his mouth, which is refreshing for a politician I suppose. He's the one who writes "If someone screws you, screw them back" after all.

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Steins; Gate 0 (anime coming out in Fall 2015)

Steins; Gate 0 will be about an alternate timeline in which Rintaro Okabe was not able to save "her" (I'll refrain from spoilers for those who haven't seen the original Steins; Gate). Either way, this sci-fi anime is a must see, with a very minimal amount of plot holes, references to real occurrences (John Titor), and very dynamic characters.

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The American startup company MegaBot is going up against Japanese company Suidobashi Heavy Industry in a "mecha" robot fight. This seems like something pulled directly out of an anime. Suidobashi's CEO Kogoro Kurata even said, "We can't let another country win this. Giant robots are Japanese culture." Whatever happens, I really hope to see this duel play out.

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Doctor purposely misdiagnoses hundreds of patients

Dr. Farid Fata misdiagnosed patients with fatal illnesses such as cancer and treated many with extreme methods such as chemotherapy even though the patients had no cancer to begin with. Prosecutors claim that around 500 people received unnecessary treatment from Fata which equates to about 9,000 injections that cost millions and raked in plenty of money for Fata. This case truly makes me wonder how someone can get away with such a blatant crime. Perhaps our medical system has many regulations and standard procedures, but there certainly seems to be a lack of enforcement.

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Animators Earned US$28,000 on Average in Japan in 2013

I've posted about the Japanese animation industry once before, but now I have more specific numbers. Of course, different animation positions get different salaries: 2nd key animators average 1.127 million yen (US$9,392) while producers average 5.420 million yen (US$45,174). The range is pretty large, but as a whole, the entire salary range is too low for the amount of work (11 hrs/day) that animators do. The low salary for entry level animation jobs is mainly due to the cheap labor from outsourcing, which puts the entire anime industry at risk as less and less new blood enters the industry and progresses to key animators or character designers.

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After spending so many years learning about the Holocaust in middle school and high school, I have never heard of this man until now. Nicholas Winton was an English stockbroker who after learning that there were no rescue initiatives focused on children, worked to rescue nearly 669 children through personal efforts. Mr. Winton was a phenomenal human being and a true hero. Rest in peace.

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The Onion for Anime

AnimeMaru is a true gem that I found while looking into anime satire. Of course, it's only funny if you know anime pretty well, but the site produces great content. Just remember: it's satire. You'd be surprised how many people in the anime community take these articles seriously. Here are some titles: PETA Protests Depiction of Animal Cruelty in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Toei Animation Admits to Losing Track of One Piece Episodes Accident Causes Fairy Tail To Be Drawn in the Style of Attack on Titan No Game No Life Anime Precipitates Breakthroughs in Game Theory Normal Cafe Opens in Akihabara New Study Shows No Clear Benefits To Being Noticed By Senpai

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Congratulations Misty Copeland for being promoted to principal dancer

Misty Copeland was promoted to principal dancer with the American Ballet Theater, a first for African American women. In the midst of all the claims that we are not in a post racial society, Copeland's achievement is most definitely a silver lining. And so despite some critical clams that she was promoted because of all the publicity and the pressure to prove racism wrong, or that people are celebrating this event for the wrong reason (for breaking the racial barrier rather than Copeland's personal achievement), congratulations. Regardless of how you view it, this is still an accomplishment in its rawest form.

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