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Lyceum Oboes 2013-14

Only the best oboe section in the world!

Posted in American Heritage Lyceum Philharmonic

A year before I was playing with them, the American Heritage Lyceum Philharmonic released this music video with The Piano Guys! My director helped write the song and I could play the oboe part in my sleep at this point. Such great music!

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Katie Hirtzel just earned a profile!

Please welcome Katie by checking out the profile:

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Best necklace ever!

Squids are my favorite animals of all time, so my mom got this for me for Christmas! It's made out of an old fork!

Posted in Squid

This is a video of the American Heritage Lyceum Philharmonic performing Beethoven's 5 Secrets with Steven Sharp Nelson for ASTA 2015 in Salt Lake City. We are the same orchestra that played in the music video! Steve is such an amazing performer and I have had such an awesome time performing with him on multiple occasions. He is just as good live, as he is in any recordings, if not better!

Posted in The Piano Guys

I had a concert with William Joseph and Lexi Walker in 2014. William improved while Lexi sang this request from an audience member. She is so full of raw talent!

Posted in Let It Go (Disney song)

Sufjan, Katie, and Oboes

I've been a big Sufjan Fan for years, and back in high school, my best friend and I decided to re-create one of his finest photos. This is one of the most wonderful things.

Posted in Sufjan Stevens

High School Oboist

Like most young oboists, I would always find any reason other than my lack of preparation to explain why my oboe playing wasn't perfect. One day in my high school wind ensemble, I made a comment about how it was a bad reed day (you all know what I mean), and my director turns to me and yells, "WAH WAH WAH I PLAY THE OBOE." It became an ongoing joke in the band, and just before I graduated, a freshman came up to me and gave me this pin that he had made. Now that I'm in college as an oboe performance major, it's always a funny reminder to me of my time in high school.

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