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Laugh a litte

Maybe I did and maybe I didn't, the world may never know.

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Ever wondered what tricks your iPhone has up its sleeves? Here are 5 things your might not have known that your iPhone is capable of.

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Thrift books. Its the real deal.

Hey did you know they had textbooks? #reblogtosaveawallet

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You may not be able to avoid them altogether, but there are some tricks and tips to help diminish your chances of split ends.

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I believe that if you like fairy tales and you like fantasy then you will like this book. There's just something about the way you can see the story of the fairy tale shine through, and yet its undeniably a new interesting take on the classics. Cinderella's a cyborg? Sweet! There might be a war between Lunars (moon people) and Earthens? Even better! I would totally recommend this series to anyone looking for a new read.

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