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Sadly, due to the extreme volume of tourists, and the wimpy circulation in the Chapel, the excess moist air breathed out by the tourists is degenerating the Chapel.

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Andis Solomon just earned a profile!

Please welcome Andis by checking out the profile:

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Gets me every time, those teeth are so long.

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Did you hear the one about the anal pornstars? Ahh, don't worry about it, they're fucking assholes.

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The Hardest Rock

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson would be an igneous rock, born from the fires of hell to unleash hellish machoism on the world as we know it. He also plays the Tooth Fairy.

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Just be glad you'll never be this sweaty.

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Ever since the (r)evolutionary step from vinyl to tapedecks, we entered a wonderful world of singles, the ability to easily skip from song to song. Media executives took the form of pop star phoenixes riding the glorious flame to the top of Billboard, then rising from the ashes in the form of a new star. Lamar's album boldly returns to an art piece; it forces the listener to hear it cover to cover with it's story, his poetry, and even a plot progression. Production aside, the fast paced jazzy periods remeniscent of Miles Davis, mixed with an almost Chromeo funkadelic instrumental, Lamar's concept of poem pointing out the senselessness of gang violence as a motif to tie his album together deserves recognition.

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