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CNN Food Waste Infographic

Interesting visual on the food system and food waste

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Bring a little bit of NOLA to your kitchen with this fantastic recipe for Beignets!

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"The Green Machine" by Malka Architecture

Could this be the future for sustainable cities? This incredible design features a machine that not only revegetates dessert land, but also serves as a fully functioning "mobile city".

Posted in Architecture

Here is an awesome look at "101 Facts That Make Us Hopeful About the Future of Food" brought to you by Food Tank. Food Tank is a food policy think tank dedicated to the enhancement of the global food system by promoting sustainable solutions to feed the world.

Posted in Food studies

America's food system is directly impacting the health of its children. The USDA allocates the greater majority of funding supporting the production of processed foods rather than fruits and vegetables. Renowned chef, food advocate and founder of ThinkFoodGroup, José Andrés asks, "What if we could change how our country feeds itself to a way that makes everyone happy, giving them good choices that fit their way of life -- and their wallets?".

Posted in Food choice

Rising population numbers, migration to urban centers, and environmental degradation call for a new look on agriculture, particularly urban agriculture. This great video presents Dr. Dickson Despommier, director of the Vertical Farm Projects, and his innovative solution to feeding the world.

Posted in Urban agriculture

The Problem of Food Waste and Hunger In Hong Kong

The issues of food waste and hunger are often topics portrayed by the media as problems primarily found in underdeveloped or developing countries. However, these issues also exist within the developed world. With a lack in waste management regulation, Hong Kong's level of edible food waste has drastically increased in correlation with the number of individuals who are hungry. If the issue of food waste is not appropriately dealt with, by 2018, many will continue to go hungry while the volume of waste exhausts the country's landfills.

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