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Senior in high school. Looking to continue my education into nursing and to help the well being others. I am energetic and outgoing!

Layton High School

Human Services/Medical

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Mac N Cheese

Making my mouth water!

Posted in Macaroni and cheese

So. True

Nemo gets life!

Posted in Humour

Remember You

Don't ever go past you're breaking point

Posted in Inspiration

Ronnie L Cunningham just earned a profile!

Please welcome Ronnie by checking out the profile:

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Forget the bad

Forget the bad and bring up and remember the good

Posted in Motivation

He's doing it right

This is what a smart man looks like

Posted in Boyfriend

How I feel

How we all feel!

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Little Bunny Foo Foo

Easter is nearing close!

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Be Who You Want To Be

No one in this world tells you who to be but yourself. The world can try its hardest to change you but it will fail every time. You have the road to your future in front of you, take that journey and see who you become. It will be worth it.

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