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Posted in Sussle

I love to write, so journaling wasn't hard for me to do. The hard part for me was trying to keep up with it. Then I realized that writing in my journal shouldn't be a chore or hard for me to do. I should do it when I feel inspired or compelled to write. This has helped me so much and has also improved the quality of my journals. Personally, I use a leather journal. This makes it feel more real to me and it fits my style. I hope this helped!

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Original Poem by Me

I'm Still Not Sure I was flying down the road Look for me, Or you I'm not sure But the night was glowing; I could only think Of you... I'm still not sure Why I couldn't Dream of anything But you; I'm still not sure.

Posted in Poetry

I love this song and I think it is totally underrated. It's a very emotional song and so beautiful.

Posted in Electronic dance music

e. e. cummings

This is one of my favorite poems by e. e. cummings. The illustration makes this quote even better.

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The Perfect Smoothie!

This picture really gives great advice to make the perfect delicious and healthy smoothie. I use it very often.

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