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I am a big fan of period dramas, Victorian literature, and panda bears. Favorite shows include Downton Abbey, Doctor Who, Parks and Rec, and The Mindy Project.

University of Nebraska - Lincoln

English/Secondary English Education

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Great Idea Channel video breaking down read receipts on iMessage. Listen for the word "suss" to be brought up!

Posted in Semiotics

March 20, 2015

Some interesting facts about the most recent solar eclipse!

Posted in Solar eclipse

Darkness....No Parents

A compound found in many deep-sea dwelling creatures that allows them to see in the dark has been injected into a man's eyes. He showed marked improvement in seeing distance and determining shapes in the dark. Super cool!

Posted in Night vision

Cow Bile and Garlic Mixture Kills MRSA

Researchers may have found a substance to counteract MRSA, which is resistant to most common antibiotics.

Posted in Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Inventor of Pet Rock Dies

Gary Dahl, the inventor of the pet rock, has died at age 78. He said that he "packaged a sense of humor."

Posted in Pet Rock

Prank Calls

Michael Jackson used to prank call Russell Crowe even though the two had never met in real life.

Posted in Michael Jackson

Walnut Cut in Half

Super interesting gif of a walnut's inside

Posted in Walnut

11 Ab Workouts

Here are some great visuals of easy and hard ab exercises. I'll definitely need these after I eat some Easter candy.

Posted in Abdominal exercise

Humorous method of making tea.

Posted in Charlie McDonnell