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Posted in Sussle

Andre and I

This is my brother and I back when I was a few months old. He has been there for me since the day I was born and without him, I would be a completely different person. He inspires me in the choices he makes and he encourages me and gives me advice for my future. Plus, I just think we're so cute in this picture. It shows our personality.(:

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So we went to the park to go take pictures, and this little girl was there and she asked her mom why were we dressed like princesses. So the little girl watched us as we took pictures and did mirrored some of our poses so we decided we should take a picture with her. She was so cute and adorable and the way she said cheese would just melt your heart!

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This cat was the most unusual cat we've came across, but that's why he was the best. He would play with the hose and he didn't mind the snow at all. In fact, just like this picture shows, he would roll in it! There were also times where he would play "hide and seek" with us. He would hide behind a plant and then we would too and when he couldn't see us, he would stand on his hind legs and look for us. It was the cutest thing ever. I miss him.

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Kitten Sleeping in Hair

So one of our neighbors found this little kitten alone outside and figured they might as well take it in and take care of it, but they had a vacation planned for one week so it was left at my house and I helped my mom take care of my cat. So at one point I laid down to play with the kitten, after sometime, I can feel him moving in my hair, and it seemed like he decided to sleep. We believe it's probably because it reminded him of his mommy so he felt safe and secure in there. Either way, most adorable thing ever.

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It took me a few hours to both draw and color this in properly. Of course, I was also watching a Dragon Ball Z movie while I was doing this for motivation and inspiration. I hadn't seen my brother in awhile and this is his favorite anime so I drew it thinking of him. I am quite proud of this work and I do my best drawings when I feel inspired. Inspiring anime is the best, even better when it holds sentimental value!

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