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Enjoy :)

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Atlanta Hawks, the next NBA Champion?

Well they sure are playing like a team that's ready to win it all. There are always the Na-Sayers specially since the Hawks don't have any high paying athletes on the team that nba teams are known for now days. The Hawks are a team, a group not individual is more important but it is very important to have everyone on the team person. At team to look out for in the playoffs specially to upset the big name Eastern Conference teams, Cavaliers and Bulls. Watch out here come the Hawks. Enjoy:)

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Sadique Punja just earned a profile!

Please welcome Sadique by checking out the profile:

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Here you will find the recipe to create the amazing taste of the pico de gallo at chipotle in the comfort of you own house. Remember you can always put your own twist to it but this is as close to the original as it gates. Enjoy:)

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