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If you haven seen Giselle in person. You have to. Its gorgeous, heartbreaking and touching.

Posted in Giselle

Scary but so cool

Balancing rock formation in Norway at the top of a GIANT hike. Basically having to rock climb straight up alot of the different parts. Dont go on this if your scared of heights or a clutz.

Posted in Balancing rock

Rebecca Wall just earned a profile!

Please welcome Rebecca by checking out the profile:

Posted in Sussle

San Diego State of Mind

San Diego...Beautiful.

Posted in Surfing

Hawaii surfing

The Beach in Honolulu is possibly the easiest most calm waves I have ever surfed on. plus clear water as far as the eye can see.

Posted in Surfing

Beautiful Sanctuary

This place is gorgeous. Snorkeling with eels, Fish and the gorgeous sea life. Anyone who visits Oahu should check this out.

Posted in Waimea Bay, Hawaii

Sleepy Staffy

How I wish I could sleep like this. Out Cold

Posted in Dog

Day in the life of a staffy puppy

Alot of people these days have misconstrued thoughts about stafforshire bull terriers. Many think that they are aggressive and mean because of their bad reputation. However, they used to be known as Nanny dogs and used to take care of children. Maverick here is the sweetest most lovable dog in the world and as you can tell loves to play. Open your mind to new things everyday and try not to be so closed off to the things that you don't know.

Posted in Dog