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I'm from Southern California. I graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a BFA degree and a minor in art history. I'll be going to NYU this fall.

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Awkward Moments

Oh wow, these are funny! We all have awkward moments to look back on and hopefully laugh at later.

Posted in Awkward

Making Paper Clips

This is pretty neat! I really like seeing how things are made.

Posted in Paper clip

Bubble Wrap is Fun

That statement is so true. Haha.

Posted in Bubble wrap

Remembering an Assignment

This is too funny! The dog's expression is perfect. I have definitely been there.

Posted in Homework

Cute animals always bring a smile to my face.

Posted in Smile

Monday Struggle

But really though. Who hasn't felt like this?

Posted in Monday

It would take a bit of work, but the result might well be worth it. :]

Posted in Practical joke