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I spent a few years teaching and I'm heading back to college to earn a second degree this time in computer science.

University of Northern Iowa

Computer Science

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Future Tattoo Idea

Been thinking for awhile about it and I think combing my European and American football teams would make a pretty sweet tattoo. Arsenal FC and the Dallas Cowboys

Posted in Tattoo

Waiting for the Season to Begin

The dogs just hanging out waiting until they can watch the Dallas Cowboys again this season

Posted in Football

Happy 4th from Kramer

A Happy 4th of July weekend from everyone's favorite next door neighbor Cosmo Kramer

Posted in Independence Day (United States)

Khal Me

If you say it like this every time how could you not get a call back??? #GoT

Posted in Game of Thrones

Not Today

Trying to motivate myself to work on that project that is coming up but then I take the advice of my good friend Syrio Forel

Posted in Game of Thrones


How I respond anytime during the summer months when someone tells me it's going to be a hot day.

Posted in Game of Thrones

Accidentally discovered a good icebreaker for teachers. 2nd year of teaching first week of school I went to sit on my cheap and very wobbly stool with my coffee in my hand. It held for a fraction of a second before I went crashing to the floor with it, coffee flying in an arc around me, and I may have accidentally yelled a four letter word starting with 's' on my way down. Needless to say the 7th graders I was teaching loved it and we had a good laugh about it the rest of the year :)

Posted in Teacher

Survival Advice

>Find the tools you need - hatchet, rope, knife, backpack, etc. >Head further north - zombies hate the cold >Get out in the country - fewer potential zombies >Construct tree house in a wooded area that has a water supply close as well - zombies can't climb Simple and basic, your tree house can get more fancy as more people join you, get some rope bridges and go all robin hood with it. You're welcome :)

Posted in Zombie

Christopher Bruns just earned a profile!

Please welcome Christopher by checking out the profile:

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Hands down one of the best shows to come across television for awhile now (at least the first 4 seasons). Re-elect President Bartlet!

Posted in The West Wing