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A senior at Mosinee High School. Attending UWGB to study Environmental Science.

Mosinee High School

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Whenever I try to do homework.

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November this year compared to last year...

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Pluto is Hades

I find it funny that, in roman mythology, the dwarf planet Pluto is named after Hades, god of the underworld. In mythology, Hades is hated and forces to rule the dreadful underworld as an outcast and Pluto is in the far back of the solar system. Away from the other terrestrial planets. How appropriate naming

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Goes in depth on the watchman, The Comedian.

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So cuil was a web search engine at one point I guess. What it did was merge articles together to try and make a "perfect" article. Obviously it failed. So someone decided to take the nonsense of the browser and make it into a unit of measurement. Enjoy

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