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I'm a 17yr old high school student who is also an active cosplayer, and I love anime as well as play League of Legends.

Weiser High School


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Just a catchy song I like. And they are so cute!

Posted in Japan

Chibi Art

My drawing of Toshiro (from Bleach) in Chibi form

Posted in Chibi (term)


Picture of me participating in the Sagala Princess Parade at the Philippines in Manila.

Posted in Philippines

Cute Comic

Just a cute little comic about a short girl dating a really tall guy. (its read from the top RIGHT like in Japanese format)

Posted in Comics

Anime drawing

My most recent anime drawing

Posted in Anime

My first sewing project

One of the first outfits I sewed by myself!

Posted in Sewing

A music video that was made for the champion Jinx!

Posted in League of Legends

Bleach Cosplay

One of my most complex cosplay of Ulquiorra from Bleach. The wings actually open and close.

Posted in Cosplay

Dominique Schultz just earned a profile!

Please welcome Dominique by checking out the profile:

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Favorite anime

Bleach has got to be my number 1 pick for anime.

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