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When I visited Lincoln Center in NYC, I was amazed at the luxury of the buildings. "Wow," I thought, "a whole ceiling coated in gold!" "Wow," I thought, "a gigantic chandelier of Swarovski crystals from across the sea!" "Wow," I thought, "an operatic costume only worn once that cost $16,000 to make!" "Whoa," I wondered, "how many starving children could that feed?"

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“What would men be without women? Scarce, sir...mighty scarce.” ~Mark Twain

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While a picture has the power to bring back the memory of one moment with extreme but static clarity, a name forces you to recall the entire person, not one moment, not just their experiences, or birthday, or wedding, not just what they looked like or what they wore, but a holistic memory of their very identity. This is part of the reason that the Vietnam Veterans Memorial was constructed with a long wall of a huge block of names: an overwhelming reminder of lives lost and lives lived.

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Did You Know? DDT Sprayed on Children

Up until 1962, DDT was sprayed EVERYWHERE, meaning daily on average city streets, and all around people. Ads were even made with the slogan "DDT is good for meeeee!" and with video footage of DDT being sprayed in gigantic clouds at children to prove it was harmless. In 1962, Rachel Carson brought attention to the potential negative effects of DDT, which she observed as huge populations of birds dropped dead from the chemical.

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Did You Know?

"What's at the North Pole, Mommy?" "Santa Claus." "How about the South Pole?" "A bust of Vladimir Lenin." True story- it was left there by a Russian expedition in 1958, and as most things in Antarctica, old campsites, tents, even bodies, it's still there, preserved by the frigid temperatures.

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