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The road not taken

This poem was actually plagiarized. Not the poem it's self but the meaning. Your probably asking "what makes it plagiarized" or "but he wrote it how is it plagiarism". Well people took it that it changes your life. Instead of going the road your not on in life go a different way and you will see it better or worse. But no that's not what it meant. It actually meant that if you live your life the way you live now then from another way, nothing would change. Everything will be the same. Maybe bits and prices are different like job but the way you live your life would always be the same. Like if you go drive your car every day at 4pm for a ride. Then if I lived in another place then you would still drive your car at 4pm. What Robert frost plagiarized was the meaning. I got this information from my teacher that I had an assignment over it. I hope it blew your mind like it did for me.

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Imvu is a virtual talking, friendship, dating, or whatever you want to do. You can create your life the way you always wanted it if you want to. It's something that you do what ever you want. You use credits to get stuff and if you run out of credits you can always go to the official page. Which is and you can either earn the credits by doing surveys, downloading stuff, or watching movies. You can also get credits by buying them with real money, or you can become an VIP member and get more credits and also have way more options. Imvu is a life that you want to be. If you always wanted to do something just go on and do it. The only thing stoping you is your imagination

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Amazing water

Water can be used for a lot of thing and water has the ability to become what ever it is in. It takes the form of the container. Try doing that with a solid block. Although a gas substance is able to do that too. Water is able to be frozen inside of that container so you would be able to hold that shape in your hand. Water is even able to be drunk. It hydrates our human body which is 75% water. This is why you should drink water to more than eat a lot. It's also why you can survive 3 days without water before you die while you can live one week with food. Hope this got you to learn something. Thanks for readying!!! :D

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Archery. Even in games

Archer is everywhere. It's in hunting, games, Olympics, hey!!! It's even an extracurricular sport for schools not. If they allow it. Just thought I would thought some information out with the picture

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White tail deer hunting

White tail deer hunting is really amazing. After you kill the deer and get that rush of adrenaline, you wanna just hurry down there to see your prize but you can't. You gotta wait. After you clean it, skin it, and cook it, you get a good piece of meat to eat after.

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