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An Episode of Peppa Pig was actually banned in Australia

In August of 2012 a viewer in Australia complained about an episode of Peppa Pig for teaching kids not to be afraid of spiders. ABC assessed this complaint and then banned the episode from being aired in Australia and even streamed online.

Posted in Australia

Mico headphones being produced by Neurowear are a type of headphone that can read your brainwaves and will play music based on your mood.

Posted in Headphones

Did you know that Gandhi wrote a letter to Hitler?

In 1939, Gandhi wrote two letters to Hitler addressed " My dear friend " urging him not to go to war. The letters were not received for some unknown reason and are currently preserved in India.

Posted in Mahatma Gandhi

Non- reversing mirror

This is an image of a non-reversing mirror, meaning the image looks how you would appear from that angle. This is done by merging to mirrors at a 90 degree angle. there is a company that sells these types of mirrors called true mirrors

Posted in Mirror

Lonely and in Japan? Rent a middle-aged man for $10 an hour

Amongst the many odd rental places in Japan is a place called " Ossan Rental" in which you can rental a middle-aged man. What for ? Just about anything , walk , talk with, or even play video games.

Posted in Japan

In November 1980, an oil rig broke through into a salt mine that was below Lake Peingneir and caused a sink hole to form due to the rapid expansion for the hole. This set off a chain of events which lead to the expansion of the Lake and change from fresh to salt water.

Posted in Lake Peigneur

Amazonian tribe with no concept of time

The Amondawa are a tribe in Brazil who have no concept of time such as hours, days, weeks, months or even years. They only identify changes like these by periods known as the "Dry" or "Rainy" seasons.

Posted in List of indigenous peoples of Brazil

Strawberries are not a berry, but a Banana is !

Did you know that strawberries are technically not a berry , but and accessory fruit. Though Bananas, Watermelons, and even Pumpkins are berries. Well looks like a huge misnomer to me.

Posted in Fruit

You cannot tickle yourself

Some scientist are saying that the brain anticipates the sensation which prepares the body and prevents the effects from occurring. Unlike when another human being tickles us which we do not anticipate.

Posted in Human body

Crickets have ears on there legs

Crickets have small ears located on there legs allowing them to hear. Just image if a human's hears were on their elbows or knees and that is how it is for the cricket

Posted in Insect