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7 weeks.

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Caesium in water. rxn

Posted in Chemistry

Fascinated about this wasp that I barely found about last night on the news! It seems to be very common in Arizona, which is where I live. We're beginning to find them in the neighborhoods. If one gets stung by the a Tarantula Hawk it is believed to be the most painful sting that'll last for 3-4 minutes. They will sting a tarantula which will become paralyzed then take it to its den to lay their larvae.

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Confessions of a Surgeon

Ever wanted to know what going through a surgeons head? This book is amazing and I haven't finished it yet! I'm a pre-med so this book ofcourse is a must read!

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Sometimes it's difficult to feel the contraction of the back. A GREAT tip to always remember is think of your hands as just hooks and to always pull with your elbows

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Love yourself.

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"If you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you'll be successful."

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The Album

It really is an encore. It has all of his songs from the "Hunter Hayes" Album with an addition EP added. Very clever in my opinion to call it an encore. Also great because not many have heard of him before and now they can have his previous album and enjoy the great composition of him and his team has created.

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Don't quit

Look at how far you've come. You've already been down in the trenches. The tunnel seems endless, but once you make it. You won't have any regrets. Always give it your all than always thinking, "what if I gave it my all."

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