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Living in Hawaii, I love to do outdoor activities such as hiking,swimming, kayaking, and I love giving back to the community through volunteering.

Marine Biology/Environmental Science

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Barney's Infamous Ducky Tie

Inspiring millions not to lose bets xD

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Do you think this is the future of drawing, the present? Or do you prefer pen and pencil instead? Would there be more flexibility in what you could do or would it hinder your work if theres too much unnecessary apps?

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pet rescue

Ian, an advocate for dog rescue, saved his dog "Nietzsche from traffic by the set of his show 'Vampire Diaries.' He’s planning to open his own rescue center for abused animals, which will also double as an educational youth camp."

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I wonder if this is real..

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This is an avatar by Eggar919 on deviantart

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closer look

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Chameleon power

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I love their colors :)

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baby lizard

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