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Baby elephant's first steps!

Posted in Elephant

Cats in love!

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Puppy disguised as a panda!

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How to do an easy messy braided bun

Posted in Hairstyle

Put 3 drops of nail polish on top of a base coat and swirl them to make a beautiful design!

Posted in Nail polish

Here's what you need to get started: -Pencil (3B/4B/5B/6B) -Scissors -Tracing paper -Wet cloth -Talcum powder -Eyeliner -Makeup brush -Ethyl alcohol -Cotton pads -Liquid bandage spray (waterproof) First you'll need a drawing or word/phrase. Draw/write it on the tracing paper and cut it. Scrub your skin with ethyl alcohol where you'll be placing your tattoo and put your drawing over it with the drawing facing down. With the wet cloth, pressure the drawing against the skin. Remove the tracing paper and you should have an outline of the drawing on your skin. Draw the tattoo with eyeliner. Wait a few seconds, then put a bit of talcum powder over the drawing and spread it around with the brush. Again, wait a few seconds and then spray the drawing with the liquid bandage spray. Make sure it covers the entire area of the tattoo and let it dry. Done!! The tattoo is waterproof and should last 3-4 days, try not to rub it.

Posted in Tattoo

2-minute French Toast in a cup recipe First you need bread. You'll need one or two slices of bread per cup. Cube your bread. Get your cup ready by buttering the inside, either rub a pat of butter around or you can melt the butter on a microwave and slosh it around. Up to you. Place the bread in the cup of your choosing. About a slice or slice in a half will do it. Smoosh it down a bit but don't compact it so much because you need the liquid to be able to work it's way in. Now in a separate cup do the following: -crack an egg into it -add 3 tablespoons of milk -sprinkle cinnamon -if you like your french toast really sweet, add a single drop of vanilla extract Mix it all together with a fork. Pour the mixture into your cup. Smoosh it a little, and give it a minute to soak down into the bread. Now put your cup in the microwave. Start with one minute, then add ten seconds at a time until it's cooked to your liking (no runny eggs). Add syrup or whipped cream and ENJOY!!

Posted in Breakfast

A butterflies life cycle

Posted in Butterfly

Clean your makeup brushes with baby shampoo!!

Posted in Cosmetics

What does the way you eat an Oreo reveal about you?

Posted in Oreo