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Jinkx Monsoon performs at the Glaad Awards.

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Lana Del Rey talks about what inspired her to be a musician and the different things that inspired her for each song.

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Just a little taste of funny Joan Rivers actually is.

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Although sme poeple consider this Sharon's First ever music video, this is accuatly her second. Her first music video was to her song 412/724 Whore. It was published May, 2008. This music video was the first music video from her album pg-13.

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Divine's I Think You're a Man.

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"You know we as gay people we get to choose our family. We get to choose the people we're around. I am you family, we are your family here. I love you." "We came into this world naked. The rest is all drag" “Whatever you proclaim as your identity here in the material realm is also your drag. You are not your religion. You are not your skin color. You are not your gender, your politics, your career, or your marital status. You are none of the superficial things that this world deems important. The real you is the energy force that created the entire universe!” “Walking with your chest out and your head held high says you have earned the right to stomp and pummel this particular piece of real estate.” “my goal is to always come from a place of love ...but sometimes you just have to break it down for a motherfucker” “To this day it cracks me up to think that my debut on national British television as a reporter ends with me turning a trick.” “The mantle of glamour has been taken from the women and given to the men. The women toil in their shadows, plain and ordinary-looking. So that transition has left a void. It is a void for drop-dead, impossible, over-the-top glamour. Supermodels fill that void. The only thing they have to do is work the runway, sweetie, and refuse to get out of bed for less than ten thousand dollars.” “It's a sort of piss-take on culture, because a drag queen is a clown - a parody of our society. It's a sarcastic spoof on culture, which allows us to laugh at ourselves - but in a way that is inclusive of everyone.” “All sins are forgiven once you start making a lot of money.” “With hair, heels, and attitude, honey, I am through the roof.”

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