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I am an international student from Russian. I love books, tennis, traveling and cooking. My dream is to open a restaurant one day)

University of Central Florida

Restaurant Management and Food service

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Wall-E 2

More and more people use those. I think it looks ridiculous.

Posted in Future

Star Wars preview lol

Some moms are just great

Posted in Star Wars

Full of disappointment

If you think you have a bad day, look at this picture. I bet this person was really excited about this delicious pizza.

Posted in Humour

Where were you?

How can you be mad at such a cutie:)

Posted in Dog

Kit Kat flavors

Which one would you try?

Posted in Kit Kat

Would you return this pencil back? I would.

I love professors who have a sense of humour.

Posted in Humour

Disney fun

I don't think this woman realizes how bad this looks.

Posted in Humour


The best wedding cake I have ever seen!

Posted in Wedding

Pizza Hut's new invention

I don't even know if it's really smart or if it's too much.

Posted in Pizza

It took me a second

I hope no one steps on this cutie

Posted in Dog