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A little step forward in the progress of gay rights. I'm not sure how these states managed to keep these unconstitutional laws after "Lawrence v. Texas" (1995), but it seems like Alabama won't get to keep their own law.

Posted in Gay

An informative graphic depicting gay rights according to every state. This is whee we are now.

Posted in LGBT rights in the United States

Not only is this law discriminatory and unnecessary, it is also unconstitutional under the Supreme Court statute "Lawrence v. Texas" (1995). Some arguing that it protects public health, but it's possible to protect public health through education and provision of contraceptives, two things many conservatives are against doing.

Posted in Dumb laws

Discusses sex and relationships as it relates to the members of the Millenials generation. Very interesting read in light of our current cultural revolution.

Posted in Dating

If anything, this video proves that anime can be intellectually relevant and worthwhile instead of being just another "cartoon," as some people call it. More importantly, this series has been the subject of enormous debate with regards to its question of morality. Philosotaku is a great source of such philosophical topics, often referencing Nietzsche, Aristotle, the Bible, and others to make the analyses he makes.

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This article is important because it shows that while LGBT rights are taking an enormous step forward, women's rights are returning to a more regressive state. It's something that seriously requires attention, and this article proves it accordingly.

Posted in Feminism