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A Mother's Love

Image and poem I created in tribute to mothers everywhere!

Posted in Mother's Day

Skyline 5-3-14

Picture I captured of the lovely colors of the sky, with a jet stream, too!

Posted in Sky

Sunset 5-4-14

Lovely sunset I caught on 5-4-14 :)

Posted in Sky

Shatter Me Banner

Banner I created in tribute to Lindsey's amazing video "Shatter Me"

Posted in Lindsey Stirling

Let the Storm Rage On

A darker take on the last lines of Let It Go

Posted in Frozen (2013 film)

"Writing is an act of faith, not a trick of grammar." -E.B. White

Posted in Writer

An amazing way to create fractal-like designs :D

Posted in Digital art

A Mother's Love

A photomanipulation with a sweet mother and son :)

Posted in Mother

Down on My Knees

When I'm down on my knees, you are what I believe. Skillet, What I Believe

Posted in Religion

I Shook the Angel in You

A graphic representing the temptation of sin with lyrics from John Newman's "Can You Love Me Again?"

Posted in Angel