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My rosy, Paragon

I have had Paragon for over 4 years now. She is an Arizona locale and I am thinking of breeding her next year.

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Felicia Nicole McCoy just earned a profile!

Please welcome Felicia by checking out the profile:

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This is Castle Neuschwanstein in Germany, and unlike most castles, this one was not built in the middle ages. Why am I posting this here? Because when I visited this amazing castle, my teacher informed us that Walt Disney based Sleeping Beauty's castle off Castle Neuschwanstein. Pretty neat, using a somewhat modern castle which not many have heard of as a model, don't you think?

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The third and final mosaic I was able to get on my camera. It seems a bit has come off though. This was found on one of the bridges over the river, which leads straight to the Eiffel Tower with only about a 5 minute walk.

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The second mosaic we found, unfortunately I had to take this photo in a split second from the moving bus, so I could not zoom in on it, but I feel very lucky to have gotten a clear shot at all. This is on the wall of a hotel, which I have forgotten the name, but if my memory serves me correct it is fairly close to the river, opposite side of the Eiffel Tower.

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During my spring break trip to Paris, Lucerne, and Munich with my school, another art student whom I had a class with and I made it our mission in Paris to find Space Invader's mosaics. We found 4, I only have pictures of the first 3 though. Here is the one we found in the Latin District.

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Some of the best artists were huge procrastinators. Take Leonardo Da Vinci for example, he had many more incomplete projects than he had finished ones. Not only was he an artist, but he was also an architect, a scientist, an inventor; a true Renaissance Man. That meant a huge variety of projects to start and perhaps never go back to.

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How I set up for watercolor projects: I lay down a large, hard surface. I rip the sides of a plastic bag and tape it to the surface. I raise it at an angle so the watercolors can drip down. And finally I place the paper over the plastic-covered surface and begin to paint.

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Adorable baby snake being adorable.

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I was on tumblr and I found this little boy cosplaying Jack Frost. All the awards for this kid!

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