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I'm a runner, outdoor enthusiast, reader, and all-around classic school nerd.

La Crosse Central High School

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La Crosse, WI

View from one of many bluffs

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Recently I decided to try journaling to keep record of some of my thoughts, and really help me sort out a lot of things that I'd been having trouble with. I went into it thinking it wasn't going to help, that really all it was going to do would be to make me more confused, but it actually worked miracles! It really helped me make a decision as to how I felt about where I was going to focus my work in life and make an intelligent decision as to where I was going to use my time. I would highly recommend journaling to anyone and everyone, especially if you have a lot that goes on in your life as a way to keep things focused, clear, organised, and therefore low-stress.

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My family's adorable puppy named Harley!

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Compilation on youtube of some of their best songs

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In his book Crime and Punishment, Fyodr Dosteovsky kind of addresses apathy through Raskolnikovs troubles, and if you're interested in other intriguing ideas on it, I would suggest this book. He commits a murder, and learns through experience his inability to cut himself off from emotions and therefore his inability to rise above other commonfolk, though things do take a twist that I will not reveal.

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Sigmund Freud believed there were three stages of sexuality that a person could get stuck in, and that were necessary for sexual maturity and overall health within a human. These stages were (in order): oral, then anal, and finally Oedipus, after which a child would reach the healthy stage of sexuality. The oral stage is about consumption and that being the childs source of pleasure, the pleasure coming from an outside source and being generally uncontrollable. Next, the anal stage is about being in control and giving instead of needing to take, the potty-training stage. Finally comes the Oedipus stage, where the child sort of mimics the old tale of Oedipus a little less extremely.

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Delicious blueberry muffins I made this morning for breakfast! Only alterations I made were a cup of sugar instead of 3/4, and 1/2 a tablespoon of vanilla extract instead of 1 teaspoon.

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Many runners on my cross country team always meditate before a big race, and it's always payed off. It helps a runner focus their attention on out-of-body feelings and disconnect from the minor pains that plague a runner, and instead helps you focus on the end goal and the use of pain instead of suffering.

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One of the greatest thinkers of all time that blessed us by sharing his thoughts in books.

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Peace and Serenity

When I run, and when all the runners I've talked to run, we tend to find a sort of beautiful silence and serenity, and it brings mental peace while going through physical chaos.

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