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I am an aspiring film director, looking to enroll in Columbia College Hollywood. My directorial inspiration includes Quentin Tarantino and Christopher Nolan.

Marysville Getchell High School-ISC


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The reason people are able to snowboard is due to pressure redistribution. When you strap into the board, your body weight is shifted from two relatively small platforms onto one, much larger, platform. From there, it's simply a matter of shifting your weight so your board can build up snow when stopping or turning, and keeping yourself upright in the POW.

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Early films had trouble with dim indoor lighting. So filmmakers came up with a solution, use the sun to light indoor sets. Sets were constructed without roofs so that the sun could illuminate them, but now if it rained it would ruin the set, and if clouds settled overhead, they lost their lighting. So cinema packed up and moved to sunny California, avoiding clouds and rain.

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The director of a film tends to either cameo in a movie or avoid being in the movie altogether, (yes there are certain directors, like Clint Eastwood, who act in their movies as well as direct them.) Wes Andersen however lends his voice to the Real Estate Agent/Weasel towards the beginning of Fantastic Mr. Fox. As far as I know, this is the only directorial voice cameo in an animated movie.

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Much like music, film has a set of rules that directors abide by. One rule for example, the rule of thirds, is the idea that if you divide the picture on a film into thirds and place the main subject on that line, it will be more aesthetically pleasing. Basically, don't put a person in the middle of the frame. Rules like this one, Wes Andersen kicks to the curb, and says "Screw it, I'll make a good film how I want." It gives his films that weird sense that everything is off that his fans are attracted to.

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There is always a bit of discrepancy over the new clothes of a regenerated Doctor. When the time came for Matt Smith to get new clothes, he suggested his own tweed jacket, Steven Moffat agreed and now we have a tweed-wearing doctor in our memories. (Moffat also thought the bow tie was an awful idea, but agreed to let Smith wear it in one episode, look how that turned out.)

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Possibly the most famous song ever created by the grunge band "Soundgarden," Black Hole Sun was conceived in the mind of Chris Cornell who almost didn't bring the song idea up to the rest of the band because he didn't think they'd like it. When the band actually liked it, they recorded it and it became the biggest rock hit of the summer 1994... for seven straight weeks.

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In the first comics, Batman was actually a protector of New York city. Eventually, it was decided that the Caped Crusader deserved his own city and Gotham Jewelers was found. Batman had a new home and new room to grow even more BA throughout the years.

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The scene in which Bane destroys the football field, the extras were all real people, contrary to the usual process in which there are, at most, 500 extras, photo shopped into the empty seats. The extras filled the stadium in scarves and jackets in heat upwards of 100 degrees. The crowd was kept in their seats with raffles and prizes.

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Christopher Nolan, on the leading edge of film, does not have a cell phone, email address or Facebook page. He finds social media repulsive, as it draws people away from the interactions around them. As a result he has limited his social contact, purely to one on one, face to face interactions. This translates into his "lets do it real" style of filmaking that puts him a rung up from his blockbuster competition. Nolan only uses CGI when the shot he wants is impossible to achieve through realistic methods.

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