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When i was in junior high i learned how to sew and I been sewing things every since. For example, clothes and pillows.

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River Monsters

a fish that has pig features

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I was raped a few days before my 21st birthday by a friends friend which gave me gonorrhea. It happened out of nowhere and I felt helpless. I felt like killing the man the took my innocence from me. But he wasnt worth going to prison for. If I were to be in prison I couldnt raise my son or go to medical school to become a PA. Since my rape I can talk to people about it and it could help the next person if thry went through what I went through.

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Being a virgin is the best thing to be because you can not get pregnant or catch a disease or STD. I wish I was still one.

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Abstinence is the best way to be. Teenage have raging hormone that they feel need to be satisfied so they have sex. If youre going to start having sex you need to learn about condoms, contraceptive options. It is easy to get STD and diseases.

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