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And I have never seen a single one.

Posted in The Fast and the Furious (series)

English has so many little variations-- it's a miracle we can communicate with one another.

Posted in English language

Birthdays on holidays are most commonly avoided, but look at how many people are born in September! It must be very cold in the winter....

Posted in Birthday

plannedparenthood: "Birth control works really well when you use it correctly all the time."

Posted in Birth control

It's easy to lose the meaning of how large the Earth is. Here is a diagram to put the earth and its orbit in more relatable terms.

Posted in Earth

It's amazing to think that Google's Gmail was launched in just 2004. Look to see how far it's come.

Posted in Google

This is interesting. I might just be fooling myself, but I'm pretty sure I feel neck relief when my boyfriend massages my feet. Check this chart out and try it yourself!

Posted in Reflexology

Everything you ever needed to know about milk chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate's all here in a concise little illustration.

Posted in Chocolate

Beautiful, hybrid colors. It's like choosing paint for your walls, but the names are better.

Posted in Color

Colors that are actually endangered! Believe it or not, these colors are rather rare for reasons ranging from impossible ingredients to health risks.

Posted in Color