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Hi! I am a cheerleader and captain I may add. I also run indoor and outdoor track. I took dance for 11 years too. It's nice to meet you!

Marion Senior High School


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If i had to describe Friends in one picture...this would most defiantly be it!

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How to make a smoothie

This is great because it shows some of the many steps into making a smoothie and all the options you have in completing the perfect smoothie!

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Celebrity cheerleaders!

This is awesome because it shows celebrities that were cheerleaders back in the day! hahaha, and it is quite funny too!

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Gibb's rules on NCIS

This is great because it informs you of all the rules that are shown or told about on the show, NCIS. It is funny and very informative of how he thinks of other people and his crew.

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Interesting and funny things I learned from Friends

A true Friends addict would know everything on this list. It is hilarious because it is the funny things you know and the quotes you recognize from the tv show!

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