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This video is so cute!

Posted in Despicable Me 2

As I walked onto the UCLA campus today, this song was in my head. I can't believe I'm going to college in a couple months!

Posted in Kanye West

The Best vs The Beast!! I can't wait for CM Punk and Brock Lesnar to square off the ring this year at SummerSlam.

Posted in WWE

I started watching Pretty Little Liars about 2 months ago. It started off really good and I was hooked on it. I still remember spending consecutive school nights staying up until 3 to watch an episode. There's a new episode today! Yay! :D

Posted in Pretty Little Liars (TV series)

I miss the cartoons I grew up watching. Shows like Dexter's Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, Powerpuff Girls, Ed, Edd, and Eddy. They were funny and entertaining unlike the shows today.

Posted in Cartoon

I miss the old Miley Cyrus.

Posted in Miley Cyrus

I'd say portion control is the biggest thing in trying to avoid Freshman 15. If your school has buffet-style dining halls, it's pretty easy to go overboard. Even if you school is the type where you can buy various predefined meals it's still easy to gain weight since they're usually pretty huge portions. Along with studying and doing extracurricular activities, I'm definitely going to try to fit in some time to workout.

Posted in Freshman 15

When bullied or made fun of for who you are and what you do, the best thing is to ignore them and continue on the course to express who you are or accomplish what they can't do.

Posted in Hatred

I have known about this speech by Eric Thomas for 2 years now. I listen to it before every workout, and on nights where I want to go to bed instead of studying. It's an inspirational video that reminds me that in order to be successful, you must always work hard. You must want it "as bad as you want to breathe." I'm going to college next year, and I have an opportunity of making my dream of becoming a doctor a reality and this video will always be there to motivate me to be my best.

Posted in Motivation

There are some obstacles to creating electric cars as everyone knows, and in this video we learn about some exciting innovations that will hopefully make these vehicles ubiquitous.

Posted in Electric vehicle