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Just a girl trapped in a society where money mainly runs the show


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Cinnabon first timer !

These delicious little packages really kick starts your day, especially when a friend paid for it for you :)

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Julia Nguyen just earned a profile!

Please welcome Julia by checking out the profile:

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Imagine waking up to a beautiful explosion of pink petals in the morning

Posted in Nature

Sweets that I am dying to eat

I now understand the strong temptation Hansel and Gretel felt to enter that witch's candy house !

Posted in Candy

Simply loving plants

Recently, I had the delightful enlightenment of realizing the pleasant beauty of nature. I believe we all should begin to look at nature in more perspectives and capturing it, as well as taking care of it

Posted in Beauty

There is beauty in simplicity

We always forgot to enforce the fact that simplicity is one of nature's finest traits. I stumbled upon this seemingly bland branch-like plant, only to realize the beauty after examining it in different, off perspectives

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Under lookout mountain at ruby falls!

Nature truly is divine, creating life and spectacular wonders

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Relativity to animals cruelty

I came across this photo and first thought how inhuman. However, after a second lingering of the thought, I was able to feel the emotions complied in this single, seemingly simple picture. I appreciate the message captured by the genius who came up with this idea; he or she was able to truly depict our own actions' consequences

Posted in Cruelty to animals