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Watertown High School

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In times of war (in this case, the Civil War), the men writing these letters express their love and devotion to their loved ones at home. They reassure them that they are always thinking about and missing them and that they will return to them soon. I loved this website because it shows one good thing that came from the war=true love and amazing love stories.

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Most scarf videos are hard to follow and emphasize how fast a scarf can be tied and lack in clarity on how to execute certain styles. This video shows clear step-by-step instructions on how to tie a scarf, shows modifications on one scarf style, and allows the ideal amount of time for a novice scarf tier (such as myself) to catch on. Enjoy!

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No-mess pumpkin decorating!

Whether you use old book pages or copied sheet music, these pumpkins are a no-mess, fast project that will give your pumpkins a unique look! Modge Podge, your paper subject, and ribbon are all you need to recreate this charming pumpkin!

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Instead of pasting objects on mason jars or simply placing a tea light inside, try using one of these methods to light up your room or barn.

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Rolo Cookies

Instead of the typical chocolate chip cookie, try this fudgy cookie with a surprise inside! I have made these myself and LOVED them! Also, if you sprinkle a coarse sea salt on top, it adds a delightful sweet and salty combo.

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Candy Corn Cookie Bites!

These cookie bars are a fun twist on the typical sugary candy corn candy. At your Halloween party, choose to bake these up instead of setting out a bowl of candy corn like every other Halloween party host!

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