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snow dog

happy january

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Hayleigh Luza just earned a profile!

Please welcome Hayleigh by checking out the profile:

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Selena Gomez On Air with Ryan Seacrest talks about how her song "The Heart Wants What It Wants" is about her previous relationship with Justin Bieber. She is such a sweet and genuine girl who has good morals, I love her! They mention a powerful clip at the beginning, but don't play it so if you want to hear that, click this link It is the first 25 seconds of the music video of Gomez talking, she doesn't say a name, but that is when she is talking about Justin Bieber.

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winter inspired makeup

this is literally perfect for the winter. i love the cranberry colored lipstick, winged eyeliner, and subtle smokey eye. this would look good anywhere from casual to formal, so obsessed.

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Self Tanning

This is such a useful and affordable way to get yourself tan before spring break rolls around! Everyone feels more attractive when they are tan. But tanning beds, spray tans, and tanning lotions are pricey (especially being a college student). If you click on the link, there is an easy step by step self-tanning guide that includes ingredients that can be purchased at your local grocery store!

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Are you constantly worried about having stinky breath? I am always carrying around refreshing gum or mints with me everywhere I go. But with this DIY mouthwash, I am more confident with my breath! It is a simple fix to bad breath with ingredients that can be easily found in your local grocery store!

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Judah Smith is a powerful pastor from The City Church in Seattle, Washington. He has more of a modern and humorous approach when he preaches which keeps things interesting and relatable to the audience, especially young adults. Judah Smith wrote a book, "Jesus is ___.", published in 2013 for new believers in the Lord. His main focus in most of his sermons seems to be the gospel which is when God came to the Earth in skin and bones to save us. To hear some of Judah's most powerful sermons, you can simply search his name on YouTube. Enjoy!

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