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I love animals, farming, and learning new things! I'm an emergency room nurse and now in the RN-DNP program! My dream is to help people!

University of Central Florida, Nursing

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Horses can be used for so many things. They are very versatile animals. This video shows one sport that horses are involved in. The horse has to be able to maintain a nice even rhythm to allow the rider to perform the maneuvers without falling. The horse has to maintain its calm with everything going on around it. Amazing!

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This is Prince Ebony

Prince Ebony is a miniature horse. They are unable to actually carry on their backs a full adult but they can easily pull a person behind them.

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Pancake the Miniature Mule

This is a picture of Pancake. He was born May 1st of this year. He is a miniature mule, so he won't get very big.

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Gloucestershire Old Spot piglets

Gloucestershire Old Spots are a type of heritage breed. They originally came from England and were called Orchard hogs because they would graze in the orchards. Pigs actually are very clean animals, contrary to what many people believe. This breed of pig is very hardy, great mothers, and raise large litters. These are three piglets that we raised here on our farm.

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I thought this was really cool! You don't have to own a large lot to be able to grow vegetables at home, just enough room for a straw bale:)

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Hunting with Beagles

Rabbit hunting with beagles is a fun and safe sport. It allows a person to develop a stronger bond with their dog because they spend so much time together and the dog has to learn to work with their handler. The rabbits are safe because rarely does a dog actually catch one and the dogs are getting their exercise. This is my dog Lady at the Gateway Beagle Club in Florida.

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Many people don't realize what an active sport Pigeon racing is. Mike Tyson is a huge pigeon racer. Pigeons are easy to keep because they require very little room. They are relatively quiet animals so people are usually able to keep them in small backyards in neighborhoods without any problems. In order to race birds, young pigeons ( squabs) have to be obtained and raised in the person's coop. This is where they will return to when they are released. If you bought an older pigeon and it got out of the coop it would fly back to the person you bought it from. Like racehorses, pigeons can vary in their prices. Some can go up into the thousands! They can also fly hundreds of miles to get home.

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If your chicken you buy at the supermarket doesn't say," Organic," don't be led to believe that the bird was never fed hormones. I am a former chicken grower for a large company. The companies feed the birds hormones in the food to increase size but then stop feeding them the hormones a certain amount of time before sending the birds for slaughter. This gives the bird time to evacuate all hormones so consumers are not ingesting them.

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A mule and a hinny are both crosses between a horse and donkey. There is a difference though. A mule is actually the result of crossing a female horse (Mare) with a jack ( male donkey). A hinny is the result of crossing a Jenny ( female donkey) with a male horse (stallion).

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Get along....Donkey?

This is Flapjack the rescued donkey. He was abused in the past and it took a long time to earn his trust again. He roams our neighborhood freely. He travels from one place to the next seeking out treats. He never goes out into the road. Donkeys are very smart animals. I taught him to pull a little cart and we take him on trips to the forest to get exercise. Did you know that if donkeys are overfed they get excessive fat on their necks. This fat is permanent, even if the donkey loses the rest of his weight.

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