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Scottish Tapistry in Adventure time

Old Scottish tapestry titled "unicorn in captivity" is supposed to symbolise marriage. Imagine my surprise when I found it on adventure time. And look at the lovely couple in the corner!

Posted in Adventure Time

KNIT Amigurumi this website gives some nice examples and instructions for Knitting amigurumi.

Posted in Amigurumi

Anthem or Ego?

Ayn Rand was originally going to title her novella "Ego" instead of "Anthem". she intended to use the term in its most purest form, which is a sense of self and singularity. However, *spoilers?* it is at least the very last word at the end of the book.

Posted in Ayn Rand

Michelle Phan made a draw my life video which relays information not even the best wikipedia editor can get. If you ever needed a first had source, here it is.

Posted in Michelle Phan

telling a story with sand.

Posted in Art

wig caps

Wig caps are crucial for wearing wigs. They prevent fly aways and keed your hair close to your head. This makes the wig look more natural. Cheap ones are usually a dollar at a beauty store or you can secretly use pantyhose if you are desperate.

Posted in Wig

Pacman in Popculture

Pacman made a cameo in Disney Pixar film, Wreck It Ralph.

Posted in Pac-Man

when knitting rounded things like the curve of a sock or a mitten. You do NOT need to use 3 or 4 needles to accomplish it. "circular needles" work wonders for rounded items and cuts project time and effort greatly. Made my life easier.

Posted in Knitting

For if you ever needed a topic that centered around a Foot

My left foot is a movie (and a book) that centers around the true story of a paralyzed artist whose only mobile limb is his left foot.

Posted in Foot (disambiguation)

water is a symbol for reflection, renewal, femininity, purity, and cleansing.

Posted in Water