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Just because most people are doing it doesn't mean you have to. Sex is a time of connection for both you and your "partner":.

Posted in Sex

I don't think anyone should be ashamed of their body. We are all beautiful in God's eye.

Posted in Human body

I hate when me and my ex broke up. It was horrible. honestly breakups are supposed to make you learn that there's other human out there that are better than the previous one.

Posted in Breakup

Kirsten Bell is so adorable. Hardly anyone thinks these animals are cute but she does and that's what makes her even cuter.

Posted in Sloth

Are mermaids truly real? I think they are but they live way down at the bottom of the oceans where no human has been before.

Posted in Mermaid

Without education, I don't think anyone can get nowhere in life. Education is the basis of all jobs. It makes smarter and wiser.

Posted in Education

I was watching a video on YouTube that was saying that in MJ's new movie THIS IS IT before he did he was going to reveal the secrets of the illuminati to warn people but he didn't get chance. I fell like if he did music would have being different.

Posted in Michael Jackson

I LOVE CHRIS BROWN. He should be giving some slack because we don't know what happened in that car s we shouldn't judge.

Posted in Chris Brown (American entertainer)

I'm on a bipolar issue with dogs. They scare me and I love them. When I was little i got chased by a dog...SO SCARY! It was a Rottweiler.

Posted in Dog

I'm not a big fan of cats but cats are way better than dogs. They don't chase after you. It astonishes me how they have nine lifes

Posted in Cat