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i think gpa is more of a measure of effort, rather than intelligence. it is such a pet peeve for me when people are assumed "smart" or "dumb" in terms of their grades when they shouldn't be. luckily colleges acknowledge this fact and take in other factors like test scores, and extracurriculars

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my favorite chinese drama, let's go watch the meteor shower together [: watching c dramas are pretty much my only way of staying proficient with speaking chinese haha

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promoting literacy~

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the best feeling ever is just sitting in your room, listening to the rain, and looking outside

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cramming and rewriting notes and the like

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aka self portrait, usually on phone cameras, you can apply filters and effects as you please

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the dedication, man

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often associated with """hipster""""

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because tiger cubs are so cute d'awww

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because tiger cubs are adorable d'aww

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