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I am a senior this year at Fort Vancouver High. I plan on moving to Hawaii after graduation and going to school there.

Fort Vancouver high school

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Rosario Vampire is my favorite amine. I love vampires and I love the fact that shes in her true form when the cross is removed

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Music IS life

Stop, and think. How many time have you listened to music, and couldn't keep the smile off your face? How many times have you listened to music, to erase all your bad thoughts and help you understand your problems? When are we not listening ? Listening to the beat, the melody, the words. When is MUSIC not painting our way of our life's?

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Love Adventurer?

I recommend this book to anyone who loves to feel the adventurer, heartache, and connect with the characters. Tigers Cruse is a great love story, adventurer awakening, breath taking series that will leave you dying for more!

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Angel from hell

I drew this about 3 years ago. Took me 2 days to get it color ready. I drew this out of boredom, Haha! I love Art and I think I did a very good job on my lines and choice of colors. :)

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Empty reflection

I chose this photo because the angle she holds the mirror makes it look like her body is not there. I wasn't sure how to describe this photo because there are a lot of different meanings behind it.

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Location and personality

For me a wedding dress should express yourself, your style and fit your location. I picked this photo of a girl in Hawaii at the beach for her wedding. Her dress is not to short and not to long. My opinion is that the length is PREFECT for a beach side wedding and the style of it really makes her look beautiful.

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