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the awesome beach pool at Portofino Bay hotel!

Posted in Loews Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Orlando

Even though Ron and Hermione meet Dobby in the books, they never officially meet him in the movies. In part one of the seventh movie, they talk to Dobby like they know him, yet they never met him before.

Posted in Harry Potter


Posted in Walt Disney World

Pretty cool Adele parody/ Hunger Games tribute. I enjoyed it.

Posted in The Hunger Games (film)

Has anyone noticed that toy story 3 came out when the kids who watched the original were headed to college and now we who watched monsters as little kids get to see Monsters University as we are going to college? Interesting.

Posted in Pixar

If you want some butter beer and can't make it to Orlando, here are some good homemade recipes. :)

Posted in Harry Potter

The sphere!

Posted in Universal Orlando

Pixar shorts like the paperman are cute, well-made, and meaningful. The short before Monster's University should be awesome as well!

Posted in List of Pixar shorts

Hospitality is an amazing industry which seeks to create careers in which people work to make people happy. The Rosen College of Hospitality of UCF has an amazing program and I am excited to participate!

Posted in Hospitality industry

This is an amazing cover by pentatonix! Definitely listen with headphones, it makes such a difference.

Posted in Pentatonix