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Surgery is kind of redundant, and seems pretty unnecessary, but sometimes, it is needed. I have had seven surgeries, some of which were needed, others that I regret. I've had appendix, wisdom teeth, and tonsils removed. I have then had a double bunionectomy on both feet. Bunions are similar to bone growths on the sides of your feet. I have also had two surgeries on my knee, to prevent my kneecap from dislocating. Both of those surgeries failed though, and I have more pain than I should. Make sure to do your research before you get surgery!!

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Fractures might be one of the most annoying injuries of all. Typically, it takes 6-8 weeks for a fracture to heal. A fracture can be as simple as just a small crack into the bone, or as devastating as creating a dislocation and needing surgery!

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Most people don't see hip hop as bringing people together, but a student at my high school, Anthony Ramirez, wrote and performed a song for a young girl that passed away from cancer. This brought together our school in a huge way. RIP Breanna

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Snapchat is a way to keep in touch with friends without having to wait for pictures to send! Having conversations through pictures spices life up a lot! You are able to share your story with many people while you're on the go!

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This is the expression of dance. Watch their story.

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To be a dancer is to share your story without speaking. Although writing is a way of expressing yourself in a blunt kind of way, dance is a way of expressing yourself symbolically. Dancing is a way of life. It's a sport that doesn't require one skill; it requires the skill of expression. To be a dance is to be open with your audience, and hoping they accept you.

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Juicing is a great detox! :)

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Most people do not know what athletic training actually is. Athletic trainers are the people who take care of you during a sport, but mostly after an injury. There are a few different rules to athletic trainers. They help in prevention of an injury: we recognize early warning signs to many different injuries. They tape, stretch, ice, heat a person before a game or practice so the player can do the most they can. They help in recovery of the injury. A physical therapy- like setting occurs in the training room afterwards. They help in helping during the injury, whether it be a bloody nose, concussion, or broken bones. Athletic Trainers are truly wonderful people!:)

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Sports Injuries are possibly the worst injury that can happen. Athletes are generally obsessed with the game and practicing, that it does damage to the brain as well! Watch away!

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