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I will be intentions of attending UMKC and playing soccer there. #goroos

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Frozen Ornament

"Some people are worth melting for."

Posted in Christmas ornament

NapoleON vs. NapoleOFF

This makes me laugh, the irony!

Posted in Humour

Watch Dial

Use your watch to indicate what direction you're going!

Posted in Watch

Harry Potter

We have seen each of the characters of Harry Potter grow up! Such a fun transformation to watch!

Posted in Harry Potter

Cat activities

Tug a war with a cat?

Posted in Cat

Puppy costume

Very late in the season, but this costume and dog are so cute!

Posted in Dog

Ninja cat

If you aren't impressed by this, something is wrong!

Posted in Cat

Life is like piano keys

Both the good and bad things in your life will help you grow as a person.

Posted in Life

Essay Writing

Begin with the end in mind.

Posted in Essay

Christmas time

Thanksgiving is over and people are beginning to put their lights up! Can't wait to go Christmas lights looking!

Posted in Christmas lights