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Love music and science!

Rowan University

Biomedical Engineering

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This was very enjoyable coming from a trumpet player. Enjoy!

Posted in Trumpet

If you like Star Wars, here you go! Enjoy!

Posted in John Williams

If you are a fan of Star Wars and other films that John Williams composed for, you will love this! There are many videos online of this same song, but this is probably the funniest one I've come across. Enjoy!

Posted in Star Wars

Approximately a year ago, one of my good friends got the idea to make his own pipe organ. He has played the instrument for years before that and he decided to make one. He got wood from Home Depot and ordered some parts online, and as of right now it looks really good! It's not completed yet, but it's getting there. He had no plans at all. He is using his engineering mind to completely recreate the pipe organ.

Posted in Do it yourself

This is a YouTube video I found a few days ago representing all of the nuclear explosions from various countries all over the world from 1945-1998.

Posted in World map

Some of the best parodies out there!

Posted in Parody music

If you want to learn more about Psychology, Hank Green can help! Go to to go through a free and fun Psychology Course

Posted in Psychology

Naïve Bald Guy

Some people just don't get it.

Posted in Hair loss

You all know this vine.

Posted in Stupid

Probably my favorite song

Posted in Pentatonix