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What are scientists doing to stop the zika virus?

Posted in Zika virus

They were taken by a French criminologist named Alphonse Bertillon, and his techniques set the template that police use today.

Posted in Mug shot

Bluefin tuna have been severely depleted by fishermen, and the fish have become a globally recognized poster child for the impacts of overfishing

Posted in Bluefin tuna

Following its first brick-and-mortar location in Seattle last year

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It will be 2 hours and 27 minutes

Posted in Captain America: Civil War

George Martin, Producer and Arranger for The Beatles, Dies at 90

Posted in The Beatles

Toddler Dies after Anti-Vaxx Parents Treat His Meningitis with Maple Syrup Instead of Medicine

Posted in Vaccine controversies

Researchers say despite positive effects of video game play in a recent study, moderation and parental limits are still a good idea.

Posted in Video game

Shotgun firing mechanism

Ever wonder what happens inside a shotgun when you fire it?

Posted in Shotgun