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University of Arizona


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Advice on how to actually like running, and to improve practically right away!

Posted in Running

How to Empty Out a Lightbulb

This could be so cool! Then make into candles using lighter fluid and a long wick... too cool :)

Posted in Do it yourself

Amanda Payne just earned a profile!

Please welcome Amanda by checking out the profile:

Posted in Sussle

This article is interesting, funny, and totally perfect for realizing why other people's opinions just aren't important!

Posted in Self-confidence

5 easy tips to make a great first impression, from a website for professional women.

Posted in First impression

This video is an at-home, limited equipment workout that is so fast and effective! The girls are fun and help you achieve the perfect form for a great workout. Ready to look and feel great in shorts? This video is for you!

Posted in Physical exercise

A great way to start a healthy day is with a green smoothie. They give you tons of energy and muchc-needed nutrients!

Posted in Nutrition

Easy, yummy breakfast ideas... in the fun and interesting way that life hacks often are.

Posted in Breakfast