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A musical that describes the basic community of Tumblr

Posted in Tumblr

a clip from my favorite Supernatural episode

Posted in Supernatural (U.S. TV series)

A hilarious clip from Comic Relief featuring Catherine Tate and David Tennant

Posted in Comic Relief

This video shares some quirky animals and some of their unusual characteristics

Posted in Rare species

John and Hank Green tell us a little about their unique quirky vlog and youtube channel

Posted in VlogBrothers

A photoshop artist shows off his talents at a local bus stop

Posted in Adobe Photoshop

An example of a novel and a personal favorite

Posted in Novel

This video puts the high school dropout epidemic in perspective

Posted in Dropping out

Cute baby panda and its confused mother

Posted in Cuteness

This video explains why we find certain things to be cute (and it includes puppies and kittens)

Posted in Cuteness