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Here's a video with a few explanations on what can possibly be dark matter.

Posted in Dark matter

A few universities in Europe have found proof of other universes by looking at the cosmic microwave background radiation. The circles in the image are "bruises" of our universe that occurred after crashing with other expanding universes.

Posted in Multiverse

Superconductors are very useful for many things. They use it for particle accelerators, MRI, and energy storage. Here is one example of how the combination of a superconductor and quantum locking can be used.

Posted in Superconductivity

This video shows one way of how nanotechnology can change the world as we know it.

Posted in Nanotechnology

This is a video representation on how nanoparticles can be used to advance cancer therapy. The medicine inside the nanoparticles are released directly to the tumor, which highly contrasts the commonly used chemotherapy where it is distributed throughout the whole body. This means less medication will be needed which leads to less side effects.

Posted in Cancer

Ray Kurzweil explains how there is an exponential growth in not only computing, but also DNA sequencing, information on the brain, nanotechnology, and artificial intelligence. He also uses this predictable growth to invent technologies as the future progresses.

Posted in Exponential growth

In this video, Jeff Hawkins explains the current problems in understanding how the brain works. He mentions how there is so much data on the brain, but not a general theory that explains it all. He also talks about how this theory will make it easier to produce more efficient and knowledgeable artificial intelligence.

Posted in Brain

String theory may be one of the most controversial topics in physics, but it is a theory that might explain more about the universe. This video is a brief summary of string theory and explains how we might actually be living in a multiverse.

Posted in String theory

I used to think origami was just a bunch of paper folding, but not any more. There are researchers all over the world that are finding solutions to critical problems by using origami. A few examples would be getting a large telescope into space, creating solar sails, holding open a blocked artery, and fitting airbags into tight compartments.

Posted in Origami

One of the research projects conducted by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) is cancer. Physicists, biologists, and engineers are using what they learned from particle accelerators to come up with a more effective cancer treatment.

Posted in Cancer